another day

Well I thought my dr office will be closed due to the weather boy I was wrong. So I have to show him I am trying.  I have to see a neurologist, therapist and of course him all that cost money. And top if all of I have a toll tag fee over 1700. I called them up to see if I can reduce it since I been at the hospital. They tell me “No”. They gave me two option no tag or jail. I told them about my illness it doesn’t matter. I even wrote to out major Greg abbot no response.  And now I have to get my house fix something about foundation. I don’t know what else to do. There’s too many things that is happening at once. I still have many other problems.  I want to get out this damn house.  I cant. I wish I can take pictures so u can see it for urself. No one is listening to me or do not care. Believe me I don’t like to ask for money I have no choice.  I was told to do it thru paypal. My email address is  if u can’t donate I understand.  Cause this is hurting me to even ask for money. I don’t claim welfare or any other public assistance.  Now I got so low that I am freaking begging


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