ok I went

I went to the psychologist and she stated that it is very important to see a therapist.  I told her I will see her only one time. Since I have to save up my money to see a neurologist.  She really didn’t like the answer but there were no other choice.

She had left me go even though she believe I need to be put back in hospital.  I told her if I promise I won’t do anything would she let me go. She told me okd. But she will be checking on me.

If God has a plan for me when will it start. I am way over my income limit. If i Cannot afford see the dr, fix my house or myself. What else I can do. Especially when the toll people tell me they will put me in jail not paying them. I’m just to fed up. And this mental illness is really not helping.  To be honest I’m just tired.


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