Nothing to Do

I really don’t have nothing do but sit here and tried to get my mind straight.  I send email to DeDe at K104 which I thought she would understand mental illness. I told her that Rickey Smiley(his staff) and Steve Harvey(his staff) would make a joke about it.  I don’t want to be part of the punt of their job. I want one day to go outside and feel free. Not feeling trap and cannot breathe. The only person who send me something was from Kellie from106.1 with no question ask. When I received I was really touched. But you tell me someone from local radio station cannot acknowledge you. Their life is too much important where they cannot say Hi or something.

Well, my true goal is trying to fight it. I don’t care about any contest, money or anything. I need to get my mind right before I can get my life back. I live in darkness. I get email and they asked me who would you invite for Valentine. My answer is anyone who is not scared of me. People are afraid to be around me. And I’m afraid to be around them. So reality the person who will be with me on Valentine would be me. (I hope I don’t scared myself off).  Well thanks all I will see my psychologist tomorrow maybe the dr would prescribe medication that would actually work . And my headache it is still going on. No hope there.


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