I Said that was the last time but something happen

First I would like say I have a mental illness which the dr put me in the same category as  a PTSD person. I have social anxiety, anxiety, panic attack and agoraphobia. So with the last blog I listed I stated it was getting autograph from famous people which it pass the time. Knowing I wouldn’t get it but it was something to

So no more  writing  to Ellen,Oprah, Kelly, Michael, The real you  name  it I wrote to everyone , they know who they are. I want  to  thanks them in advice for no support.

Then I finally my bills was piling up some I had to take care of that. So I have a doctor apt on Friday 02/06. Which that means either I don’t eat that month or something cut off. I have no choice.

Then I received an email to listen to music and hopefully it will help through out the day. So today, I went to Walmart(remember I never went outside) and had a panic attack which I couldn’t controlled it. I stuff there over an hour. I cannot remember if I went grocery shopping because I partially blind and my  body was stiff

How cannot continue living like this? I feel completely and ultimately helpless. I  am so  sick of this I’m am so tired and don’t know what else to do. The lady  at the store who I didn’t even know came right to up  to me and said I have the devil in me. Then she walk  off. Could that be true?


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