my last story

I thought by asking autograph from famous ppl. It would give me something to do now.  I’m not going to do that.

I received a letter from  toll company stated I own them over $2000. I had explained to person that I had been sick and numerous hospital.  That’s why my bill haven’t been paid. They accrue interest and other expenses.  I explained to them I had always paid my toll charges. The gentleman stated it’s not his problem. He gave me 2 choices either paid the bill or go to jail. I explained to him there has to be so kind a way the bill can be reduce due to my illness.  I told him I can pay the bull and risk not seeing the dr or just die since I cannot see a dr. He reply back you got Ur choices u can pick either one. I only make 1400 from ss. So that’s mean I need to make I have a place to stay and see a dr.  My doctor ask me one day if I’m eating I told him yes. I had to cut that out in order to get him..ppl send places to go to get the help but they turn me down stated I make too much money.  Not only I to pay my  toll charges it’s my gas and electric they all say the same thing if u want gas or light then pay the bill or u do have the other options.

So now I have to make a choice either get the help I need or not.  Again. This is my last blog I will not write anymore I will not disturb anyone nor talk to anyone. Again this is a test from God. I believe he want me. I don’t see any alternative.  I know no one reading I was only thinking.


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