Story About Me

Here I’m here sitting in my room just thinking about what I’m missing out.I won some movie tickets which I have to give away.I gave it too a lady at CVS. I figured she needed then me.  I had received a questionnaire that I didn’t realize that I was really that sick.

Im tried of living this way and maybe I won’t. Like I stated earlier my Dr wants me see a neurologist. Which I told him I have no money. And the is a joke. When you call they tell you that you can afford it.but not realizing either you want a place a stay probably or have health insurance live on the street.what am I supposed to do?

Again I turn to Joel Osteen if it is my time it’s my time.I don’t want to beg for money. I just see how this go.I tried to call Joel got scared and hang up.I don’t know what to say. Like they say have too see.


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